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The Beatles. Guitar techniques
Author: Jesse Gress
Words and music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
144 pages, Series: Guitar school
Аккорды, табы и ноты песен группы с подтекстовкой на английском языке, пояснения к песням.
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In their heyday, the Beatles made music that was highly contagious, affecting millions of people and undoubtedly inspiring many of them to pick up a guitar for the first time. John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney popularized electric and acoustic guitars to an extent that made the instrument practically irresistible. Unfortunately, no printed music existed that provided accurately notated guitar parts. Piano/vocal arrangements were the norm and never seemed to get it right in the guitar department. In retrospect, it's not too hard to understand why. The way the Beatles used guitars was far from "normal," and the guitars alone were often only a portion of the complete musical picture. As guitarists, John, George and Paul were pioneers of a brave new world devoid of the high-tech electronic arsenal available today. Besides basic amp distortion and fuzztones, effects were generated either at the mixing console (compression, echo and equalization) or the tape machine (flanging, delay and automated double-tracking, or ADT). The Beatles' "guitarsenal" included 6 and 12-string electrics and acoustics, nylon string acoustics and a few small amplifiers. Favored brands were Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Epiphone, Fender and Vox.

Beginning with solid folk, rock 'n' roll, and rockabilly backgrounds, the Beatles took the guitar on an evolutionary journey from 1963 to 1970 that defined an entire vocabulary of guitar styles, sounds and textures. Early on, signature guitar riffs became instrumental hooks as often as their vocal melodies. John, George and Paul were all talented soloists and accompanists, each with a distinct style. Producer George Martin's influence may be heard especially in the post-Revolver era as the guitar parts became more orchestrated. But however much they evolved, the Beatles never seemed to drastically change styles, only to merge the new with the old. Their earliest folk influences were still evident on many of their last recordings.

This book presents a guided tour, designed to take the magic and mystery out of the many roles the guitar has played throughout the Beatles' career. The song excerpts are presented chronologically in order of release in the U.K., which corresponds to the current U.S. CD releases. Highlights are discussed in the text preceding each transcription. Every effort has been made to label who played which part, and measure numbers and minute/second indicators are used to pinpoint the starting and stopping points of each excerpt throughout. Though this music was recorded between 20 and 30 years ago, it maintains its freshness to date, and putting it under the microscope can help explain why. There's an embarrassment of riches presented in the following pages for both the novice and the professional. So, roll up! You've got an invitation!
Jesse Gress 2/13/92

Note for note guitar transcriptions of the lead parts and intros in standard notation and tab to:
Across The Universe,
Act Naturally,
All My Loving,
And I Love Her,
And Your Bird Can Sing,
Bad Boy,
Can't Buy Me Love,
Come Together,
Bungalow Bill,
Day Tripper,
Dear Prudence,
Dizzy Miss Lizzie,
Drive My Car,
Eight Days a Week,
The End,
Fixing A Hole,
The Fool on the Hill,
From Me to You,
Get Back,
Getting Better,
Good Morning,
There, and Everywhere,
Hello Goodbye,
Helter Skelter,
Hey Bulldog,
Hold Me Tight,
Honey Don't,
I Call Your Name,
I Feel Fine,
I Need You,
I Should Have Known Better,
I Want to Hold Your Hand,
I Want to Tell You,
I Want You (She's So Heavy),
I Will,
I'm A Loser,
I'm Down,
I'm Only Sleeping,
It Won't Be Long,
Julia, Lady Madonna,
Let it Be,
Love Me Do,
Lucy in the Sky,
Mother Nature's Son,
The Night Before,
Nowhere Man,
Octopus's Garden,
Oh Darling,
Paperback Writer,
Please Please Me,
Polythene Pam, Revolution,
Rocky Raccoon,
She Loves You,
She Said She Said,
She's a Woman,
Sun King,
This Boy, Till There was You,
Twist and Shout,
We Can Work it Out,
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, With a Little Help from my Friends,
The Word,
Words of Love,
Yes it is,
You Can't Do That,
You Never Give Me Your Money,
You Won't See Me.