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Jean-Michel Jarre - Songbook
синтезатор / (клавишные, бас)
20 композиций Жана-Мишеля Жарра в переложении для одного исполнителя или небольшого ансамбля
французский, английский
"I.D. Music", 1989г.



Chants Magnetiques I
Chants Magnetiques II
Chants Magnetiques III
Chants Magnetiques IV
Equinoxe I
Ethnicolor II
Equinoxe IV
Equinoxe V
Orient Express
Oxygene II
Oxygene IV
Oxygene VI
Rendez-Vous II
Rendez-Vous III
Rendez-Vous IV
Ron's Piece
Souvenir de Chine


This publication includes :
•The musical theme with the name of the instrument which plays it.

•The american system of chord symbols allowing the realisation of on accompaniment (with a melody played by violins, for example).

•A bass line which includes rythmic patterns for bass guitar or organ pedal.
All these parts can be realized by one or more musicians.

In trying to be as possible to the sounds employed by J.-M. JARRE the organ and the polyphonic synthetizer are preferable to the piano. In addition one can use as many special effects as are possible one those instruments : echo chamber, delay, phasing, flan-ger, etc...

We hope that by utilizing this publication musicians, either alone or in small groups, will more easily recreate the particular ambiance oj J.M. JARRE'S music and in so doing derive fhe greatest pleasure from playing «Oxygene» and «Equinoxe».


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Jean-Michel Jarre
Song Book Volume 1, 2
(нотное издание)
Инструментальная принадлежность: синтезаторы, бас, (струнные, саксофон) - партитура
Жан-Мишель Жарр (Жарре)
Язык: английский
Издательство: I.D. Music, 1991
(pdf, 14.4 МВ)



Calypso II (synth 1-3, bass 1-3)
Calyposo III (Fin De Siecle) (synth 1-3, bass)
Chants Magnetiques I (synth 1-3, bass)
Diva (sinth 1-3)
Eauinoxe IV (synth 1-3, bass)
Equinoxe VII (synth 1-3, bass)
Jonques De Pecheurs Au Crepuscule (synth 1-3)
La Derniere Rumba (Chants Magnetiques V) (synth 1-3, bass)
L'Emigrant (synth 1-3)
Oxygene I (synth 1-3)
Oxygene IV (synth 1, string, sequence, bass)
Rendez-vous II (synth 1-3, bass)
Revolution, Revolutions (synth 1-3, bass)
Revolution Industrielle - Ouverture (synth 1-3, bass)
Revolution Industrielle I, II, III (life version) (synth 1-3, bass)
Ron's Piece (sax sopr., synth 1-2)
September (synth 1-3)
Souvenir De Chine (synth 1-3, bass)
Zoolook (synth 1-3)

Calypso I (sinth 1-3, bass)
Chants Magnetiques III (sinth 1-3)
Chants Magnetiques IV (sinth 1-3)
Computer Week-end (sinth 1-3)
Equinoxe I (sinth 1-3, bass)
Equinoxe III (sinth 1-3)
Equinoxe V (sinth 1-3, bass)
Ethnicolor I (sinth 1-3, bass)
London Kid (sinth 1-3)
L'orchestre Sous La Pluie (sinth 1-2)
Nuit A Shanghai (sinth 1,3, percussions, bass)
Oxygene II (sinth 1-3)
Oxygene III (sinth 1-3)
Oxygene VI (sinth 1-3)
Rendez-vous III (Harpe Laser) (sinth 1-3, bass)
Tokyo Kid (sinth 1-3)
Zoolookologie (sinth 1-3)

Еще композиции
Band in the Rain
Calypso I
Calypso III
Chronologie II
Chronologie III
Chronologie IV
Chronologie VI
Chronologie VIII
Computer Week-end
The Emigrant
Equinoxe V
Equinoxe VII
Hey Gagarin
Industrial Revolution II
London Kid
Magnetic Fields I
Magnetic Fields II
Magnetic Fields IV
Magnetic Fields V
Orient Express
Oxygene II
Oxygene IV
Oxygene VI
Oxygene VIII
Rendez-vous IV
Souvenir of China
(Deusdet Coppen transcription)


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